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Jessica Gargano

Pastry Chef, Cake Decorator


Jessica Gargano is the owner of Sugar Coated Bakery in Brooklyn. As a young girl, she always dreamed of working at carvel so she could write on birthday cakes. Little did she know that would stir up a strong passion for baking and decorating cakes. 

Jessica started making birthday cakes for family occasions at home and continued to do so through high school. Any event where they needed baked goods, she would sign up to bring something in

When she was in high school, she passed Sugar Coated Bakery and emailed them to sign up for baking classes. At the time, they were not offering classes, but they offered her an opportunity to come in and see how everything was done at the bakery. 


Jessica would go to the bakery after school any chance she has so she could learn more. This continued throughout high school. After graduating, Jessica went off to college, and after decided to join the pastry arts program at the International Culinary Center. 


Through college and after the pastry program, she kept

going back to Sugar Coated Bakery and worked with them for many years. Jessica worked with many bakeries during this time, including Ron Ben Israel in NYC, and even started working on cakes from home. 


In 2015, while working at Sugar Coated, Jessica was asked if she wanted to take over the bakery. With the help and support of her family, she decided to take the chance. She has always loved creating for special occasions and is so thankful that she has the opportunity to take part in the important moments in people’s lives. 

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